June 5, 2023



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The writing represent my own opinion, for booking, reservation or ticketing of tourism products, please direct to the owner / place (E.g Hotel, restaurant, gallery, theme park). TQ!

19 thoughts on “Disclaimers:

  1. I love your blog. I need some info like how many hotel at Melaka and certain things that related with my job. could we chat/meet/make appointment for it? thanks for the help.

  2. dear nik aizat, for the appointment, please contact my hp no 012-6355301. i really appriciate if you contact me on weekdays. tq

  3. salam..
    i’m eina..student from uitm penang..i’m interested to know,what is the procedure to visit menara taming sari n also river cruise for about 70 person in my group? is that we can get a special price for coming in group n as a student status? and another one question, where are the another interesting n suitable places for us to visit in melaka?

  4. Yes there is a group discount, please call to make arrangement first. You can also call through Tourism Promotion unit and we will help you to contact them. Write a letter and fax please. For other suitable places, your group can go all museum package, water taxi, duck tour and trip around Ayer Keroh that include, Zoo, Reptile Park, Crocodile farm. If you come after this 15th of May, Melaka Wonderland Theme Park already open. Also at Ayer Keroh….

  5. Salam,
    Good information in this blog. Can you list down SPA in Melaka and estimate cost.

  6. Hi Amaliana,
    Very informative blog you have here.. maybe we can work together in promoting my homestays on your blog .. will contact you soon.


  7. Nice info on Malacca… i was first intorduced to your blog when researching the tourist statistic to Malacca.. I am a researcher (haha!).. your post make it easier for me to find data..need some more info though..will email you directly..THUMBS UP for the blog..

  8. Asmaliana

    Keep up the good work! I’m a free lance writer who now lives and work in Singapore. My home town is Kluang, which has the best kopi in the whole of Malaysia, ha ha!

    I’ve written 3 travel stories on Melaka already.

    My 4th story will be on kampung home-stay in Melaka for
    a leading Singapore magazine with 500,000 readers!

    Your blog is a great reference point for updates and new
    devts on Melaka. In fact, I often land up at your blog when
    doing research on Melaka before I write.

    Hmm, this gives me an idea. Maybe can interview you for my next story, boleh ke?

    Kudos to you for keeping my interest in Melaka alive.


  9. I like to find out more info on the amenities just beside Holiday Inn Melaka, and also the bridge extension.

    I know there is massage palour, restaurant, pub over there. Can I have more information on that?


  10. Hi Asmaliana,

    Do you have any footage/video for Pesta San Juang or Pedro?
    I mean under the Tourism Promotion Unit’s collection?


  11. I am glad you are having this great blog to help promote Melaka to world class level.
    Blogging is indeed a good way to connect with customers and travelers. I believe you can do it well.
    Internet is the power to connect with tourist, tour guides, tour leaders and indeed a good engagement tool.
    Michael Ng

  12. Salam As, agak2 kenal aku x? Afzal PERZIM (tp skrang x keje PERZIM lg)… Huhuhu.. kot2 ler kenal. Anw aku suka blog ko nie, very informative especially on tourism. Dah lama dah follow tp semenjak dah on blog balik nie, baru teringat kat blog ni.

    Eh nak tanya laa elok x pakai AdSense tu. Berbanding NuffNang? Sbb apa aku tgk ads dia relevant sikit. Mungkin boleh bg pencerahan melalui pengalaman ko. N also about the ‘earning system’. Tq

    Btw, Hafidz Nasrudin tu sepupu aku. 🙂

  13. assalamualaikum pn asmaliana,
    selalu bagi student good info for research,i likee
    then nak tanya dan sy dah search tapi tak jumpa,apa tourism produk terbaru melaka..hope pn boleh bagi info..

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