June 5, 2023

Learn about Local Knife at Jayamata Knife Gallery Jalan Tokong

104 &106 Jalan Tokong, Malacca City, Malaysia
06-281 0002

Jayamata is a local knife brand from Melaka. They have been running the knife business since 1987. Due to the company’s owner’s deep interest in knives, Jayamata has established a gallery dedicated to the various
types of knives and their history.

  • There are 5 attractive themes: Sword of Warrior, A visual History of Ancient Blades, Blacksmith Workshop, The Dagger of Malay World & Knife and Living
  • A place to rediscover the history of the dagger, bayonet, sword and knife from ancient times to the present day
  • A place to learn more about knife culture, especially the cultural and artistic value of keris

The grand opening entrance ticket promotion for the First Floor Knife Gallery will be held from November to December 2022!



-Adult: Original price RM15 after promotion RM7.5

-7-18 years old: Original price RM10 after promotion RM5

-60 years old and above: Original price RM10 after promotion RM5

-FREE entrance for children below 7 years old



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