March 25, 2023

Swing, Glide and Dangle on the Tree with Skytrex Adventure Melaka

Located in the middle of the Ayer Keroh Melaka tourist attraction, this park is only a 5-minute drive after the PLUS Expressway toll exit along Jalan Ayer Keroh towards the Melaka city center. Skytrex Adventure's third park hosts some special challenges such as Malaysia's first Skybike, UFO, Tarzan Bungee Swing and more.

Just half an hour's drive from Melaka city centre, this outdoor amusement park offers many exciting activities that will test your stamina and physical fitness. You can choose between intermediate or advanced courses and enjoy a variety of obstacle courses including wormholes, Tarzan swings and more. You don't have to worry about your safety because Skytrex Adventure uses only the highest quality gear and equipment, not to mention trained staff to guide you through each adventure. Plus, the park's incredible natural surroundings will make your day even more memorable!
YOu will get:

-Experience an intense outdoor adventure activity at SKYTREX Adventure when you visit Malacca!

-Feel the adrenaline rush as you fly, swing, slide and dangle over the various aerial obstacles.

-Take the opportunity to tackle beginner, intermediate and advanced level activities and obstacles.

-Get ready to ride Malaysia's first Skybike, UFO and Tarzan Bungee Swing!.

Ticket from RM70 to RM90 depending on the obstacle level.
Appreciate the park’s lush vegetation as you conquer the exhilarating obstacle courses
a skybike!


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