June 5, 2023

Visit Melaka 2019

Melaka is historically significant with place in history as the birthplace of Malaysia began. In the 16th century, Melaka enjoyed a reputation as the foremost maritime trading centre in the region. Merchants came from as far as Arabia, China, India and Europe to conduct trade in silk, spices, gold and porcelain.

Today, Melaka has a lot more to offer based on the 13 Sub-Sectors tourism product, namely History, Culture, Recreation, Sports, Shopping, Convention, Health, Education, Agro, “Makan-Makan”, Melaka My Second Home, Youth Tourism and Eco Tourism. With its chosen slogan “Visit Historic Melaka Means Visit Malaysia” and “Melaka World Heritage City UNESCO”, Melaka has so much to offer and has become the melting pot of all the races (Malay, Chinese, India, Portuguese, Peranakan, Chitty and others).

As Melaka is blessed with various cultures, the Visit Melaka 2019 campaign seeks to showcase and celebrate Melaka’s bountiful and diverse cultures and festivities as a tourist attraction. Visit Melaka 2019 set to make historical Melaka the top-of-the-mind tourist destination, encouraging tourists to stay longer in order to enjoy the festival offerings as well as it historical and man-made attractions. Themed “A Gateway to Historic Malaysia”, the year-long calendar is packed with festivities of every genre; for instance cultural festivals, shopping extravaganza, international acclaimed events, eco-tourism events, arts, music showcases, food promotion and other themed events.

From historical heritage sites to its cultural richness, Melaka has been recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNECSO) as the Historic Cities of Malaysia, together with Georgetown, on 7th July 2008. This reflects the succession of historical and cultural influences arising from its roots as a trading port linking East and West.

The official logo of Visit Melaka 2019 is a colourful portrayal of typical traditional Melaka wooden house adorned with colourful Nyonya tiles staircase.

2019 is a crucial period for our state’s tourism – they are the lead up to the much-anticipated Visit Malaysia 2020. We expect to welcome about 20 million tourists to Melaka with tourist receipts reaching RM24 Billion.

The initiative not only aims to rally all industry players towards this common goal, but is a call to welcome tourists from all over the world to experience Malaysia’s warm hospitality and diverse tourist attractions.

The Melaka’s Tourism, Heritage & Cultural EXCO is confident of the success of the campaign, saying that Melaka’s tourism industry is growing stronger. He cited tourism investments in Melaka such as international hotel brands are being made within the next two years, amounting to close to more than 1,000 rooms.

Melaka is a food heaven! On top of being an ideal destination filled with wonders of ancient buildings and colonial structures, Melaka is also a land of gastronomical delight. Tantalize your taste buds with all these mouthwatering selections of food; spicy, sweet, tangy and sour local specialties all over the streets of Melaka.

In addition, new attractions are also being launched to provide tourists more choices of attractions such as Encore Melaka, a world-class, immersive theatre performance boasts innovative and stunning video projection mapping and multi-stage hydraulic sets, as well as advanced lighting and acoustic techniques. It is Asia’s largest theatre that seats more than 2,000 people on a one-of-a-kind 360-degree rotating audience platform.


Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO.

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