February 7, 2023

More chartered flights in Melaka Airport?

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Public–private partnership biasa juga disebut PPP, adalah kerjasama pengurusan antara kerajaan dan swasta yang biasanya dibiayai sepenuhnya oleh pihak swasta dengan sokongan kerajaan dari segi teknikal, operasi dan sebagainya. Kalau di Britain disebut PFI (Private Funding Initiative). Penerbangan tambang biasa, sewaan dan jet peribadi adalah 3 perkara berbeza yang boleh menjana aktiviti lapangan terbang. Kerajaan Negeri sedang mempertimbangkan perkara ini seperti di dalam akhbar the Star…

From The Star:

Malacca airport to see more chartered flights

by r.s.n.murali

MALACCA: The Malacca International Airport in Batu Berendam will see more flights from chartered airlines following a decision by the state government to turn it into a private-public partnership air hub.

The state is planning to have more facilities at the airport, including extending its runway to attract chartered airlines and private jet owners.

Currently, the airport caters mainly for training purposes with one flying school utilising the site.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron said the state was optimistic of making the plan a reality once all documentations to the Department of Civil Aviation was completed.

“Public ownership and private investments are the cornerstones of the proposed plan to ensure the airport is more versatile,” he said.

“The finer details of the plan will be divulged once the whole system has been put together,” he said.

By turning the airport into a private-public air hub, Idris said there would be job opportunities created besides earning revenue for the state.

“The long-term plan is to make this airport sustainable and profitable,” he said.

In April last year, the Malacca Government announced its intention to transform the airport into a regional hub for Asia-Pacific flight services, but somehow the plan had not taken off.

Idris said the plan to integrate international, domestic and regional services under one roof through the partnership would hopefully attract more airlines to operate from the airport.

The plan required detailed design and negotiations with commercial parties, he added.


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