January 31, 2023

New Look of Mini Malaysia & Asean Cultural Park!

Mini Msia Park

A park where every expression has color. Where every walk is an unforgettable memory. A park where a tradition blends with modernity to create a present that is at once evocative, charming and magical. Come, celebrate life. Experience MINI MALAYSIA & ASEAN Cultural Park with an area of 32 acres.
Located in Ayer Keroh, Melaka. There are 13 traditional houses which representing a state in Malaysia. This unique cultural park display different cultural elements which showcase the lifestyle of the local people. The houses were built in accordance to the exact life size and design by master builders and decorated with original interior. We can categorized this park as a living park, where the tourists can join a variety of programmed and activities.

The park appearance changes throughout the seasons and festive programmed. Tang Lung (lantern) decorated the park for Chinese New Year, Pelita are brought in and decorated for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. This park also provides a large open air stage known as Tun Teja Stage. Since Mini Malaysia’s beginning, the stage has presented the finest artist. The stage has been the center of Mini Malaysia’s holiday festivals programmed. Dedicated amateur dancer, musicians can show their skills on stage. Guest also invited to perform Joget lambak together on the stage.

What’s New in 2013?
MINI MALAYSIA & ASEAN CULTURAL PARK is a must visit destination here in Melaka and as we embark on a new journey in 2013, there will be new interesting discovery and attractions such as the Kampung Experience Stay, Kraft Workshop, Malaysia Traditional Cuisine Cooking Class and many more wonders awaits you. Other Package that available in Mini Malaysia & Asean Cultural Park are such as Team Building Package, Family Day Package, Camping & Sleepover Package and etc. For more information, please contact Mr Adam Fuad – Park Manager at +606-234 9988 / 012-281 1627 or email at adam@kenako.com.my.


Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO.

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3 thoughts on “New Look of Mini Malaysia & Asean Cultural Park!

  1. I have visited this park many years ago, when everything still was fairly new and in excellent condition. However, the last time I visited this park was in 2012 and with the exception of the Malaysian houses, it looked very worn down and neglected. I am about to return to Melaka to collect photos for a book on Melaka and would like to know if things really have changed there… if so, it would be well worth a visit! As it is stands right now, the place is not even on my to-photograph list… hope you can tell me more!

  2. Thanks for the follow-up. Photos on the given page largely concentrate on the visitors, and show only a little of the Malaysia part of the park… sadly, nothing at all on the Asean part of the park, which is part of its set up and thus not to be ignorred. I might give it a look, and hope that at the very least the bullock carts are present, that’s one feature of Melaka that is often missing for casual visitors. I might come back to scold you if I’m dissapointed 😉 Just kidding, terima kasih!

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