September 21, 2023

Malaysia the Flea Market Paradise

Today, shopping complex with mega size buildings are booming. Whenever a new shopping complex being built, it will eat very extensive space, with a wide car park and all you can find in one building like food court, children play ground, boutique, pharmacy, cinema etc.

But Pasar Malam or flea market still in peoples heart here. Malaysia is popular with the flea market. We can find a flea market at every district and every district also got many other flea market depending on the density of the residential area. Every flea market got one organizer that is usually residents association and approved by municipal council.

But if translate the word pasar malam is not exactly flea market, it’s night market. This is because pasar malam start in the evening to until 9 to 10 pm. But special pasar malam open during month of Ramadhan can open until late at night. Not like some flea market in Europe that sell household goods,antiques ,old clothes, glass and silver. Malaysia pasar malam more focus on foods, drinks, new clothes, cheap accessories and imitation items.

indonesian pasar malam in netherland
An Indonesian Pasar Malam held in Netherlands.

For example, Indonesia already promote their pasar malam concept at International level in Netherlands. They called it Tong Tong Fair.The Tong Tong Fair (formerly known as Pasar Malam Besar) is the largest festival in the world for Indo (European-Indonesian) culture, held annually in The Netherlands. In 2009 it was renamed to ‘Tong Tong Fair’. Established in 1959 it is one of the oldest festivals and the fourth largest grand fair in The Netherlands. It is also the annual event with the highest number of paying visitors of the Dutch city of The Hague, having consistently attracted more than 100,000 visitors since 1993.

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Pasar Malam will remain for long and has proven to be a visitors attraction. What local government can do is to improve the pasar malam area mainly on food preparation hygiene and waste disposal system. The R&D in Pasar Malam can boost Malaysia image especially to the 3rd world country.

Recaps, some of Pasar Malam in Melaka during this year Ramadhan…



more shoes

jalan hang tuah

flea market 1

assorted jeans

assorted shoes

at night

custom shirt

custom shirt2


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