February 7, 2023

Restoran Cina Muslim di Melaka

Chinese Muslim restaurant not to be confused with Baba Nyonya or Peranakan Restaurant. Chinese restaurant is purely Chinese food but Peranakan have a Melayu influences. Chinese Muslim is Halal because the owner is Muslim. Similar like a Mamak Restaurant. But Peranakan is not Muslim, usually Muslim can eat at Peranakan restaurant because they don’t served pork and hired a Muslim worker.

Compared to Mamak restaurant, Chinese Muslim Restaurant are very few. For example in Melaka there is one Chinese Muslim Restaurant that have many review on the Internet also highlighted at TripAdvisor – The Mukmin Jaya Seafood Restaurant. Located at Limbungan.

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Photos of Mukmin Jaya Seafood, Melaka
This photo of Mukmin Jaya Seafood is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Some blog review at manggispink.
butter prawn

There is another one, the owner is Mr. Rizuan Yeoh- Sri Mawar Ria restaurant. Can be easily find. Located inside Melaka Sentral. Sri Mawar Ria are famous for tourist and foreigners. First because the location and secondly Mr. Rizuan Yeoh really promote the restaurant menu to the tourist passing by. You can find all Cantonese menu and Peranakan in one place. Don’t forget to see Album of ‘Tourist From Around the World’ when visit to Sri Mawar Ria..

rizuan yeoh
Mr. Rizuan Yeoh with his information counter under his own initiative to promote tourism..

Among hundreds of happy tourist at his place:

tourist 2

tourist one



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