September 21, 2023

Our skin enviromental protection in haze and dry…

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Pic from Women And Cosmetics During World War II

Our daily environments in the haze, sunny and dry condition like now is like a war for our skin. War against allergens, dust, UV, bad bacteria and pollution. Let see type of products we can use in this skin battle:

Number One:(Click to order)
Shills Aqua Skin Moisturizing Spray

Shills  Aqua Skin Moisturizing Spray
-The Shills Aqua Skin Moisturizing Spray rapidly boosts skin moisture levels, restoring skin balance. Highly moisturizing ionized-water spray filled with plant extracts and essences soothes skin and enhances skins natural protection against allergens present in the daily environment. Suitable for all ages, especially oily and dry skin types. Its easy to use as a simply spray, pat to dry, and touch up make-up. Ingredients: Hyaluronate, Sustained Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF), Amino Acids, Witch Hazel Extract

Number two:(Click to order)
Juju Aquamoist Lotion L 180ml

Juju  Aquamoist Lotion L 180ml
-The Juju Juju Aquamoist LOTION L 180ML is a mixture of hyaluronic acid and glycerine, this toner offers a soothing effect to your face, keeping it soft and hydrated. As its version suggests, AQUAMOIST Lotion L offers your face a light, but effective layer of moisture that keeps your face looking smart and refreshed, especially in dry environments.

Number three:(Click to order)
Murad Environmental Shield Essential-C Daily Renewal Complex 30ml

Murad  Environmental Shield Essential-C Daily Renewal Complex 30ml
-This Vitamin C rich moisturizer is a must have for any skin care routine. After either your daytime or evening skin cleanser, Essential-C daily renewal complex can be applied to the face and neck area to repair the skin from spots and aging caused by exposure to the sun and sun damage as well as prevent further damage from the sun and other environmental factors such as pollution. A critical step for any anti aging skin care treatment plan as well as for simply ensuring that you have beautiful skin day in and day out. Essential-C Daily Renewal Complex has been highlighted in Marie Claire magazine as well as in Prevention Magazine for its ability to prevent and fade sun spots and other age related skin symptoms from sun and environment. Don’t simply read about how well this skin care solution for sun spots works. Get the results for yourself.


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