February 7, 2023

Medical Tourism in Malaysia now listed at international site…

medical tourism

Private hospital and Medical service industry in Malaysia now listed at MyMEDholiday.com, an International website focus on promoting Medical Tourism. It is like tripadvisor version for Medical tourism. You can find any private hospital,specialist clinics,spas, Medical Tourism Agencies and Home Health Care Agencies. We can start by choosing a treatment and the specific country you want to go.

Treatment ranging from Anti Aging,Plastic Surgery, Chronic disease to organ transplant. So it will list all the hospital within the country we choose. At the specific hospital the info will be pictures, facilities provided,address,contacts, making inquiries and also request for quotation. Hmmm… now the medical tourism getting more competitive because of portal like this. Going like Hotel Industry near future. When all the Hospitals can offer attractive price, then the client will look for extra service like recommendation on the room service, food, nurses hospitality etc…

mymedchoose treatment

melaka hospital in mymed

Got Melaka private hospital too – Mahkota, Putra and Pantai Hospital…

Today people have the ability to choose their Medical Treatment provider, now the private hospital also have marketing department and they also promoting the service outside. The factor are price, specialist and long waiting list . Malaysia are becoming this region favorite medical tourism spot. Excerpt from The Sunday Post, 05 May 2013 :

RHB Research Institute Sdn Bhd (RHB Research) analyst Lester Chin added that Malaysia’s medical tourism market remained relatively small in comparison to its neighbours, Thailand and Singapore, despite registering strong growth of 22 per cent per annum over the last five years. “As such, the Malaysian government had, under the Entry Point Project 4 (EPP 4) of the Healthcare National Key Economic Areas (NKEA), targeted an additional 1,900 beds to achieve its target of attracting two million healthcare travellers by 2020,”Chin said. “We understand that this initiative also serves to encourage private healthcare players to broaden their patient base beyond the Indonesian market and to position themselves as a provider of higher end medical treatments.” More recent statistics from the Ministry of Health Malaysia showed that within the first five months of 2012, some 236,836 foreign patients travelled into the * country for medical care, spending RM200.4 million in total.

Based 011 these preliminary figures, the sector was expected to attract over 600,000 foreign patients and generate more than RM600 million in revenues by the end of 2012, highlighted Oxford Business Group (OBG) in its Malaysia Report 2012.


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