March 20, 2023

Bazaar Ramadhan at other places…

A flea market just for food!

Malaysian know very well about bazaar Ramadhan. The location, menu, the food and the surroundings. No need GPS or apps to find bazaar Ramadhan as we can easy spot and ‘sniff’ the location. It’s a nationwide event. For the future, I think Bazaar Ramadhan will be more relevant and expanding because the industry really help people in this ‘busy working at the office era’. Now people don’t have time to really cook all the food for breaking the fast.

Bazaar Ramadhan is like a short course for tourist to learn about all Malaysian cuisine and menu. Lets look Bazaar Ramadhan outside our Peninsular.

-Many saying that Bazaar Ramadhan in Singapore also can beat the buzz of our Bazaar. Of course you Know Singapore, the Bazaar are not everywhere. They are more organized and mix with other products for Hari Raya too. The food also got many influence around like from Malaysia, Peranakan, Indonesia and Arabs. Info in tripadvisor here.

geylang bazaar

A Bazaar in Geylang more pic at eddy2099 blog..

-If you look at the picture from Brunei news (Seria Ramadhan stalls rope in a crowd), the bazaar more or less the same in Malaysia.
brunei bazaar

Bazaar Ramadhan in Seria Brunei..

-I just want to highlight ‘Pulut Panggang Kak Yam Noor’ in Borneo Post.

pulut panggang kak yam nor


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