February 6, 2023

Asam Pedas Recipe in food network

asam pedas
Asam Pedas can be considered Melaka Signature dish. So you can find many restaurant offer their Asam Pedas around town. As the name Asam (Sour) and Pedas (Hot), the main Ingredients are Tamarind and Chillies. But every restaurant owner claimed to have their own secret ingredients to compete each other. Asam Pedas usually served with white rice and salted egg. Usually Asam Pedas will be mixed with variety of fish or meat fat mince (tetel). Got the English version of the recipe here:

Asam Pedas With Ikan Kurau Fish


6 slices galangal
4 stalks lemongrass
0.50 inch gingerroot
5 candlenuts
2 slices prawn paste
30 shallot
125 g chilli paste
1 cup tamarind paste
1 to taste vegetables
12 sponge finger
1 tomatoes
6 pieces fish

More here.


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