January 27, 2023

Bistro Year 1673 at Jonker Street

Among the oldest building at Jonker Street is the Atlas Ice building. Located at the end of Jonker Street now known as Bistro Year 1673. At first sight the Jonker Year 1673 look very historic with old brick and hard wooden window make you want to take a look what is inside. The Bistro open in the morning 10pm to late night at 12pm. Got live band in the evening too. Although the presentation look colonial, they serve wide variety of menu from local to western. About the building:

This oldest unique 338 years old heritage building located in Jonker Street (populary known as Jonker Walk) and probably the oldest brick building in Malacca was built in the year 1673 during the era of Dutch colonialisation.

The design is also of the Chinese and colonial artistry which resembles the early Chinese community during the time. Hence it is known to be the earliest building …built in Jonker Street. Based on research by Micheal Weber of University of Amsterdam, this magnificent building was occupied by the Verenige Oostindische Company (VOC), an East India company for the purpose of tax collection for Melaka Port.

In year 1686, a fire disaster broke out and engulfed the whole Dutch village and as a result, Governor Schagen had commanded that all houses in the area which was built by the Moors with other residences of Jonker Street to be replaced with bricks buildings from the original “attap” (dried coconut leaves) materials.In an article by Robert Giebels in NRC Handelsblad newspaper reported that this year 1673 building was different from others normal Dutch buildings in that era. Its’ entrance door and window frame had its’ own character which was similar to the Stadhuys’ buildings. The front facade clearly indicated the number Year 1673 which was made from metal with the purpose to withhold the internal parts of the ceiling for reinforcement of the wooden structure.

A narrow path in between these two-storey building was intentionally used for the movement of goods from VOC warehouse which was situated at the back of the building.Other buildings surrounding the Heeren and Jonker Street also resembles the uniqueness of the Dutch era and these buildings was used as residential and administration office for the VOC. Certain part of the building was used as a stable to house the horses and carriages.

The well which is located in the courtyard was the only source of water supply for the residence and the horses they kept. Till this day the crystal clear water from the well never ever ran out of water supply, even during the year 1991 when the whole state of Melaka experienced the worst drought that left many dams and wells dry.

Last week we bring the bloggers to Bistro 1673 for lunch. The food is okay as the bistro I think aim for tourist. Looking at the Tripadvisor review, it was okay but they can improve on the waiter communication and service.


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