September 21, 2023

Road safety is everyone responsibility

Read about PLUS Blames Human Factor as Main Cause of Heavy Vehicle Accidents here. Road is for everyone so everyone should take responsibility when using the road and highways. Plus Traffic Safety Department general manager stated that overspeeding, dozing off, fatigue as well as improper vehicle maintenance as the main reasons behind accidents involving heavy vehicles on PLUS-run highways.

The first thing is just follow the law. Vehicle will be easy to handle at low speed in panic condition in contrast if we speeding above the limit. In split second anything can happen than can impact your future . Following the law not just limit your speed accordingly but also not cutting the line in heavy traffic, not using the motorcycle lane, use the right lane in highways like the right only when to overtake then go back to the left lane. But I guess the speedy driver at the highways will soon reduce because Road and Transport Department is implementing the new AES camera. This mean more camera on the road because police have their own camera.

Another things is most of us don’t really do the right maintenance for private vehicle. Usual excuse is if it not damage yet than it is still can be used. All car parts have their own lifespan and wear and tear. So if you choose not to follow the maintenance schedule, so you should not drive the car like a racing car because the brake or Tyre or any part of the car may stop working when you need it. And that is your fault….


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