February 7, 2023
Health Check

FREE Health Checks at Bayview Hotel Melaka

Health Check

As part of its community service projects, Bayview Hotel Melaka is embarking on a day of health featuring a series of FREE Health Screenings on Monday, 24 September 2012 from 12noon – 4pm.

Supported by the Melaka State Health Department and Anlene, members of the public are invited to drop by the hotel lobby for a quick check up. Separate booths will be setup to check blood pressure, BMI readings, sugar levels, and cholesterol while Anlene will be conducting a 2-minute Bone Health Check to identify the quality and strength of your bones.

Most Malaysians only get 50% of their daily calcium needs. This trend is worrying as insufficient calcium intake may put your bones at risk. Healthy bones are important to provide structural support for internal organs, to aid mobility and store many of the body’s essential minerals such as calcium.

With the free Bone Health Check programme, which is supported by the Ministry of Health, we aim to educate and assist all Malaysians in improving their bone health and reducing the risk of bone disease.

For more information, please call 06-2839888.


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