January 27, 2023

Extra security for your room…

Do you feel insecure sleeping in a hotel room? Maybe you can sleep soundly if you check in at standard 3 to 5 star hotels. But when you travel in unstable foreign land or at cheap guest house in unknown and dark alley you have a reason to feel hard to sleep.

Well, sleep is most important thing when travel because you can’t enjoy a trip with tired body and sleepy eyes. All you want is a pillow. So as an extra security for your room, you can lock yourself from inside with extra mobile lock you can get in the market.

First Watch Security 1846 Travel Lock Deadbolt, Chrome

For example this First Watch 1846 Temporary / Travel Interior Only Keyed Lock for Temporary Security on Most Doors. It installs easily into the strike on the door jamb and uses one of the two included keys to lock or unlock. It uninstalls just as simply when not in use or when needed in a new location…


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