June 8, 2023

Duit raya collection 2012

I’m sure your children are still counting their ang pow this week as many more open houses invitation and people still visiting for Hari Raya. They love this year of hari raya because colorful new notes blue, green and red. Sometimes yellow. Seeing them happy with the money envelope remind us the happy times when we were small.

Although the amount may not be as much as now but we were very happy and usually we spend it all at nearest village shop buying sweets, sweepstakes (if your number hit maybe you get more coins), ding dang and ice cream. Now every parents usually hold their children money for their savings account.

Favorites Note this month…

We are blessed because this country is still stable and most of us can get what we want, enjoy our effort, children happy and lots of food…

Collection of 50 different Uncirculated World Banknotes – Currency


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