September 21, 2023

Finding Halal Steak in Europe…

People at Europe like to travel in Asian countries because of the hot weather, moderate and less extreme climate maybe like Malaysia. Asian people also like to go to Europe for colder temperature, medium temperature or to feel the snow. As Islam is largest religion in Asia, finding Halal food in most Asian country is not a problem. But in Europe, it’s vice versa.

Among Halal Restaurant in london, source here.

But now as the travel and tourism industry becoming more global with many Muslim traveling whether for studying, working, business or as a tourist, Halal food are now growing steadily. I found a website dedicated to update information about Halal food restaurant / directory mainly in Europe, United States, Canada etc. The website said to be the world largest guide to halal restaurants and products.

At you also can search other info related to halal like Halal Airline Meals,Halal Consumer Products,Halal Manufacturers and Halal Authorities. Also got apps version of that support iPhone, Android and Blackberry..

Halal Meat meat at


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