February 7, 2023

Malaysia in Hollywood movies…

At present U.S is the most influential when talking about movies. They export all their movies around the globe. We are unfamiliar about movies from other super nation in Europe like maybe Great Britain, France or Soviet. Other influential country in terms of movies production is India (Bollywood movies), Hong Kong (Action / Kung Fu) and Japan (Anime Naruto,Doraemon etc..).

To be featured in Hollywood movies can be very good exposure to our artist or the filming location in our country. But if they just filming movies in our rainforest without stating where it is, there is nothing to be proud for because the audience may think it is in Amazon. At least they film our recognize landmark like the Petronas Twin Tower or Putrajaya.


Lately I heard Malaysia being mention in Hollywood movie script if you can hear it clearly for example in Battleship (2012). Early stages of the movie when Liam Neeson as Admiral Terrance Shane giving some sort of commissioning to every country participate in RIMPAC.

“Captain Lo Malaysia!”

Then in movies Prime (2005) Starring Uma Thurman, Meryl Streep and Bryan Greenberg. I think about half of the movies, Bryan Greenberg as David watching TV said to Uma Thurman:

“I am watching the Malaysian GP”

Many world class event that hosted or participated by Malaysia have great effect in highlighting the country. For example, Malaysian Navy indeed participate in RIMPAC or the Rim of the Pacific Exercise hosted and administered by the United States Navy’s Pacific Command every two year.


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