January 27, 2023

Thieves aiming at ATM now…

pic from nst.
Recently in this month I read about 3 attempts on stealing money from ATM machine. It’s been a while since we heard people rob a bank in Malaysia. Now robbing ATM is a trend. Maybe they think robbing ATM is less risky than robbing a bank in broad daylight. Bank have armed guard, and to many people that in the end can be complicated like gun fighting. So maybe if they rob an ATM machine, the revenue is more or less the same.

In the news here about failed attempt using a bomb (Melaka), here is failed attempt using welding machine / drill (Alor Star) and here successful attempt using oxy-acetylene flame and a metal cutter (Kuala Lumpur). All in one month / August this year before we celebrate hari raya.

The successful attempts in Kuala Lumpur, police find it difficult to trace the criminals because of the CCTV being sprayed black. CCTV is an old technology, I have seen a hero try to avoid CCTV in the 80’s movies. So imagine now, criminals have already got ample knowledge about CCTV. Maybe now we must apply a hidden camera with CCTV as a decoy.

Looks like ATM bombing is not just Malaysian Bankers issues, Australia also face the same problem. Read : TWO people injured in latest ATM bombing at Gwelup Shopping Centre as police reveal a member of the public almost chased the offenders down here. It’s the seventh ATM blast in Perth in five weeks and the police still tracking the culprit…


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