March 20, 2023

Recomended eating this hari raya 2012

Eat healthy food doesn’t mean just eating veggies and fruits everyday. Eating healthy is about balance diet. Our body need all those in the food pyramid. At this time, what you eat during festive season is becoming a big issue as government also release warning and press release about controlling public eating habit.

Although not as serious as road accident during festive season, we must take into consideration about being healthy because when we got obesity and disease related to it, it will consume our time, money, carrier and family in process to cure it. So Better (be) safe than sorry.

Recently before hari raya, Ministry of Health launching ‘Adopt 55555’ healthy eating campaign. 55555 means :

-Eat 5 group of food everyday (bread,dairy products,sweets,meat/fish,fruit/veggies)
-Eat 5 servings of vegetables / fruits.
-Limit to 500 calorie for every eating time
-Limit to only 5 gram or 1 tea spoon of sugar in drinks.Lower the better.
-Physical exercise 5 times a week.

Source from thestar.

Health Minister said to get 500 calorie you only need to eat three slices of lemang with four small pieces of chicken rendang. That’s it! Wow! how can we follow this advice during Hari Raya? Another thing, to burn this 500 calorie, an adult male must run 50 minutes or walk for 200 minutes. Ministry of health have calculate all the hari raya famous dishes calorie at their website here.

5 gram of sugar? If we put this a limit, Most of us will be over limit. Carbonated drinks now is like official drinks during hari raya. Cordial with ice will not taste good with little sugar. Not tea spoon but usually a scoop of sugar. And.. it is hard to see any green food during raya week, only beef rendang,chicken rendang, soto, curry and lots of sweet cakes.

Although the calorie count and how many movement to burn it is theoretical,we already notice that many survey tells Malaysian becoming overweight. We already see what food related disease do to our family and friends like diabetic,high blood,heart attack,kidney failure. Our religion also stated that we must stop eating before the belly full. Eat only when you feel hungry….


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