March 20, 2023

Last day to post raya card…

Do you still practice sending Hari Raya Card? All of us the gen-x people will remember the popularity of raya card until the Internet and mobile phone dominated. When the time we use to send raya card, If you got more card usually it’s show you social status just like how many friends and like you got on Facebook today.

There are many type of card in those days, from small to very large size that even the postal box won’t fit. Newspaper will show how busy the post office processing all the raya card. It’s a good business at that time. Now in 2012, raya card becoming very rare and only got very small choices. And maybe it’s from the last year.

assorted raya card, some go a song CD. pic from admiralhafiz.

Raya card now becoming a corporate practice. You will receive raya card not from friends anymore but from our client, business partner, contractors, and other organization that have common interest like our department. Usually it’s custom made – more corporate. Also with non other words, remarks or poem just a simple Selamat Hari Raya or only a company stamp.

So today 13 August is the last day to submit your raya card. Read Post All Hari Raya Cards By Aug 13 : Pos Malaysia.


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