June 5, 2023

Gold from Flor de La Mar

Flor De La Mar

If you already visiting Melaka, you may already know about the Portuguese Vessel Replica at Maritime Musuem Banda Hilir. The Flor De La Mar is not only significance with Melaka History but also famous worldwide at present time because of the sunken treasure from it not yet being found.

According to famous American treasure hunter Robert Marx:

“its the richest vessel ever lost at sea, with its hold loaded with 200 coffers of precious stones, diamonds from the small half-inch size to the size of a man’s fist.”

Flor De La Mar sunk on November 1511 at the Straits of Melaka on the voyage from Melaka to Goa. Many casualties but Afonso de Albuquerque was saved using an improvised raft…Story here.

Shipwreck location at wrecksite.eu.

Replica in Melaka…


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