February 6, 2023

Tourist and travelers please pay attention to road safety

For pedestrian here, the encourage practice is to walk against the road traffic. The reason is we can see vehicle came towards us rather than we walk according to the flow. Vehicle from behind can be dangerous.

When you starting to drive, road next/near to you the traffic will be flowing to the left and the other side flowing to the right. Malaysia is country with left-hand traffic. As for 2010 data there are 20,188,565 vehicles registered in Malaysia with population of 28,910,000. In 2010 also, 414,421 road accidents recorded with 28,269 casualties and 6,872 death. Data from MIROS.

Road accident are among government main concern in Malaysia with vehicles and road length increase every year. With hundred thousand off road length, for sure it is difficult to monitor every road in Malaysia. Nevertheless traveling along Malaysian road will be a wonderful experience. With among the best road in the region you can really experience all Malaysia Geography.

Pay attention to park lorry at the road side…

Pay attention to road sign like the average speed limit or pedestrian crossing. Speed limit will reduced when there are place like schools or approaching traffic lights. Excepts for paid highways, on Malaysia open road you also must pay attention to natural resistance like cattle, pedestrian and athletes usually cyclist.

Pay attention to athlete practicing..

Pay attention to the cows…


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