February 6, 2023

Get your bike ready for Malaysia

pic from nst.

Recently Prime Minister launched a bike tour packaged at PWTC. At the event PM was on an American Chopper. The 1Malaysia Chopper, which was designed and presented by Paul Teutul Sr. If you are not familiar with the name, many of us will easily recognized the big old guy with big arms with tattoos and thick mustache. Please watch Discovery Channel show American Chopper. In April and May episodes, the shows will featured Malaysia.

Tourism Malaysia is promoting the “5-Mountain Motorcycle Tour”. The Idea is good since motorcycle is Malaysia favorite transport, making Malaysia is motorcycle friendly nation. It is very easy to find mechanics or change your bike Tyre here.

So about the bike tour, the aim is to promote Malaysia scenic hillside and tourism attraction along the journey. Well bike can be the most effective way since the rider will awake till arrived at the destination rather than travel with tour bus where you can fall asleep.

Five beautiful mountains in the country have been chosen for this tour namely Genting Highlands, Fraser’s Hill, Cameron Highlands, Gunung Jerai, and the Titiwangsa Range.

More about the “5-Mountain Motorcycle Tour” here and here.


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