January 29, 2023

Melaka Beach Fest 2011

End of this November to December, usually government don’t recommend any activities at coastal area in Malaysia East Coast. This is because the monsoon period where the sea is dangerous with strong wind and big waves.

Unlike the West Coast area of Malaysia, beach activities are still safe because monsoon don’t affect west coast of Malaysia. But it is a bit rainy season.

If you plan to visit beaches in Melaka, there is a Beach Fest at Tanjung Bidara. Pesta Pantai Tanjung Bidara Will be held from 9 to 11 December 2011. Among water event for public are climbing the wet pole,pillow fight, beach volleyball, capturing the duck, sail boat competition and many more.

Click the picture for program.

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Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO.

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