January 27, 2023

Sky Diving in Malaysia

This is not sky dive but base jump at Kl. Read it on the news here.

Before this I think that only Arm Forces can experience jumping from a plane and landed with a parachute. Now normal people also can do it. It’s a sport. In country like US the sport is already common to the people.

Sky diving is among sports that you cannot have all the equipment. So you must rent this and that. Obviously it is not easy to have an airplane for us although we can buy the parachute. Like golf for example, you can still play it in your lawn. But you can’t jump as you like at any building, you must consult the authority first.

For sky diving in Malaysia, people must go to a class by an Instructor that are qualified and certified by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia. I found a package for Sky Diving by travel agent here on the net that covers from training to jumping…


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