September 21, 2023

Create your own ice cream flavor

Ice cream will always have a good market in Malaysia. In fact, although many type of ice cream brand in the market, ice cream can easily sell. Of course children like ice cream, adult also eat ice cream. Creativity in Ice cream are endless. The ice cream flavor and toppings can blend easily with any local culture. For example here we have ice cream eaten with fermented rice or cassava.

We have many home grown ice cream maker. Among that attract my child appetite is IceEdge. The truck like ice cream stall with functional front vehicle lamp catch their eyes in the first place.

So as a result I must spend the money for ice cream. The ice cream is not bad, price is acceptable and the amount of ice cream can satisfied your kiddy…even you too!

The difference about this ice edge between other ice cream stall is their ice cream maker located outside not inside. Means that an adult can diy their own ice cream. When you diy, the price will be based on the weight of the paper cup. The weight includes all the ice cream flavor and toppings.

From the website here currently this IceEdge have outlet at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka only…


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