September 21, 2023

289 deaths for Hari Raya

I witness this accident during Ramadan recently..

289 death on ops sikap 24 is a figure that we all should worried about. It is said that the 289 figure was the highest since the operation was launched a decade ago. This shows that our friendly and courteous custom are not applied at the road.

Read news about 289 deaths the worst on Ops Sikap record.

I bet all of us afraid of loosing our loves one, that is the basic feeling for us as a human that not need a TV advertisement. But I think we have enough exposure for road safety campaign and police summon that should make us come to realize the danger of reckless driving.

Government can stricken the approval of driving license for a newbie, lower the car speeding limit or just allow only cars below 5 years on the road. All sort of law and technical restriction that government have the power to.

In the end, the most important things is our self awareness itself…


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