June 8, 2023

Nation Celebration

Before this we already celebrate Chinese New Year with Hari Raya they called it kongxi-raya, then we had Deepavali with Hari Raya and they called it depa-raya. Now Merdeka – Raya. So this year the Hari Raya, other than cheerful LED and lamp, home decor will be added with National Flag. 31 August fall on the second day of Eidul Fitri

hitting the road for ‘jalan-jalan raya’

Muslim celebrate Eidul Fitri as a day of victory after one month of Ramadan. Eidul Fitri is celebrated with praying together at early in the morning,seek forgiveness among family members and then together visiting relatives and friends in the neighborhood to strengthen the ties.

relatives gathering

To bring more merrier atmosphere, locals adopted others custom like Ang Pow(giving the kids money) and fire crackers.

ang pow for the kids…Actually they only come to our house for this, they don’t mind about the food…

Meat is the main course during hari raya where locals will find new cut beef during 2 or 1 day before hari raya. The recipe will be beef rendang eaten with ketupat.

family cooking activities..

Looking at the amount of food at every house and every open houses by state and local leaders, we are in a blest country. We got more that enough food.

So, Happy Hari Raya, don’t eat so much, be thankful of our sovereignty and independence.


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