June 5, 2023

Fermented delicacy

Tapai is the famous form of fermented food in Malaysia. Tapai usually eaten on occasion like wedding and family feast. Here tapai will be found in two types that are from glutinous rice and cassava. Traditionally it will be wrapped with banana leaves when served.

Tapai from Glutinous rice

Fermented food are served all over the world with different type of foods like soybean, milk,olive, bread, cheese and fruits.

The tapai is very sweet with little sour tastes. Tapai also taste good when eaten cold or mixed with ice cream and ice blended juice. In Melaka there is one company that produce tapai commercially. Tapai Pulut Sarimah. Tapai Pulut Sarimah is wrapped with special plastic and paper replacing the banana leaves. The taste remain the same.

Currently you can get the tapai pulut sarimah at Mydin or directly at the Tapai Pulut Sarimah workshop at Lot 2635,Kg Air Hitam Pantai,Tanjung Bidara. Phone : 063853041.

Or just drop by at every Malay wedding and you can taste the tapai….

Truly Cultured: Rejuvenating Taste, Health and Community with Naturally Fermented Foods


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