September 21, 2023

Songket + Restaurant = Good !

It’s a fast month now and most of the restaurant here will ease a little bit during half of the day. Although the majority will not consume any food during day light, food business is more merrier this month. Everywhere hotel and restaurant are promoting Ramadan buffet dinner while Ramadan stalls popping out like mushroom after rain.

Among many Ramadan promotion through emel here.

The Ramadan stalls will also vanish when Eid ul Fitri coming like mushroom after sunny day. So this is the perfect time to find rare traditional local dishes. Food stalls can come and go in one month but a restaurant can’t always do that. If food from hawker stall taste as delicious as the one in restaurant plus lower prices so why should we go to the restaurant? We visit restaurant with various reason such as privacy, the cozy ambiance, air conditioning, live entertainment and the roof.

Bazaar Ramadan is a usual view around Malaysia, pic from cupkekasih Flickr.

With many restaurant along the road which one will stood up and catch your eyes?

How about a thematic one? For example this Songket Restaurant, located at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng Kuala Lumpur. Got very good reviews at TripAdvisor. You can read the reviews here. All above the average ratings until excellent. Actually there are many tourist and travelers just follow any reviews from trusted site like TripAdvisor for their first visit. That is the power of Internet Nowadays.

Songket Restaurant interior

The songket blend in on all parts of the Songket Restaurant interior make it look authentic Malay. Looks like Songket Restaurant also have Ramadan Buka Puasa promotion here.

Songket is taken, so if you plan to make a theme on your restaurant there are plenty traditional element available like maybe Wau, Selendang, batik or Songkok?


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