January 29, 2023

Your local petting zoo..

Since when that we are so excited to see and hold the animals? Do you think our father and grand father are thinking about zoo when they were kids? We are aware about our village back then. It’s also quite like a mini zoo, every family got livestock like goat, cow, chicken, monkey to pluck coconut, got bird for a hobby, cat and dog. Plus small wild animal in the village like squirrel,fox, lizzard,snakes and anteater. All the common wild animal in Malaysia village.

Childrens Petting Zoo

But now many of us have left the village and live in a gated compound like apartment and terrace houses. So limited chances to see those domestic livestock even a hen. The hen our children know is in the from of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

So, to educated and familiarize the children with these pet animal, petting zoo is the place. Of course you can go to the National Zoo but the animal are to wild to touch.

Some of Malaysia petting zoo are:

1) Lost World of Tambun Petting Zoo at Sunway City Ipoh:
Got 4000 animals from 55 Species.

2)Sunway Petting Zoo at Bandar Sunway’s Extreme Park.

3)Danga Bay Petting Zoo at Johor Bahru, an expanding mini zoo with over 180 species.


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