June 5, 2023

Batik as an art

All Malays will have at least 1 batik at their home. Malaysian automatically will understand that Batik is a local culture. Both men and women have their own form of batik. The Government servant have their batik culture in Wednesday. Now we got many boutique that offer contemporary batik fashion that suits all ages and races.

So we understand batik is a fabric and use as our clothing. How many of us praise batik as an art and put it on the wall like other paintings?

Not just sells the batik art, you also can Learn the art at GM Choo batik classes.

GM Choo here from GM Choo Art Gallery 53 & 54 Jalan Tokong, is an old timer in Batik Industry but you can’t find any sarong here, GM Choo is a batik artist. As the name stated, GM Choo Art Gallery is an art gallery for batik motives.

All these hand made batik paintings can be considered a luxury for your house as among the painting cost until RM5000. Learn more about GM Choo Batik art here.

Batik Inspirations – featuring top batik designersDye Craft Books)


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One thought on “Batik as an art

  1. hye,,,,good afternoon,,
    i would like 2 learn about painting n art as well,,
    i would like 2 hav a tuition teachers,,as well..
    becouse i imin first year fine art student at science university of malaysia,,,can i hav the contact number if u want to be my teacher,,,thanks,,,

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