January 27, 2023

Local Strawberries…

Strawberry Stall at Cameron Highland, pic from storm runner Flickr.

If you want to enjoy the authentic local fruits, the timing must be correct as many of the tropical fruits are seasonal. Of course some of them have been cultivated with new agriculture technology so they can produce fruit more frequently like Siamese Durian, but it can’t match the original one.

Imports also can grow fertile here, headed to Cameron Highlands, the main source of fruits and veggies for Malaysia. Among all the fruits and vegetables, Cameron Highland is famous for Strawberries and Tea Plantation.

So there is no any specific fruit season at Cameron Highlands, you can enjoy fruits at Cameron Highland all year round. Read about Cameron Higlands Strawberries here,big read strawberry farm here and Strawberry Park Hotel here.

Strawberry Seeds – Alpine Mignonette Heirloom


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