January 27, 2023

World Cleanest City…

You probably already know about world cleanest city from Forbes. In the 25 list of World Cleanest City, only Japan representing Asia. The Europe got the most of it. Our nearest cleanest city from Kuala Lumpur are in New Zealand. This is 2007 data..

Calgary Canada #1 rank, pic from Forbes.

Auckland - beautiful subtropical flora, Auckland, New Zealand
This travel blog photo’s source is TravelPod page: Farewell to New Zealand!!

Auckland New Zealand No. #18

3 of 1000, Kobe, Japan
This travel blog photo’s source is TravelPod page: We found the beef………it is in Kobe!!!

Kobe Japan No #25

If the Cleanest City factor used as a travel criteria by tourist, then we loose one selling point since we don’t get the title.

We can say all the cleanest city are in develop nation. Clean is not just about the landscape but many factor such as sanitary, environment, transportation infrastructure,waste control, etc.. that resulting a high quality of living.

Education is the first step to produce civic discipline people fur the future. Teacher must stress on green tech, recycling and saving. Then goes to the government in improving the system for better life. No need to build new infrastructure but just improving or create a new system for waste disposal for example.

Like making people must go to the garbage bin for disposal,making it fun, new technology in garbage bin at Pasar Malam, and improving the public toilet using KAIZEN spirit.


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