March 20, 2023

Hotel deep in the jungle

The is a resort in this thick jungle.

One of most important element of Malaysia eco industry is our rain forest. Preserving the nature environment of the rain forest are for human race so we can benefit from it. Also for the tourism aspect. Lot of people seeking a peaceful holiday in natural environment these day. But many of them don’t want to camp, they just want to seeing and enjoying it.

So we must built a resort or hotel deep in the jungle. Not necessary to built extra modernity like road or big pipes from the city. The place can have an helipad, harvest rainwater,fresh water treatment from the river, solar panel,gen set,etc…

In Malaysia, our rain forest also listed in UNESCO world heritage area. Among it is Mulu National Park. Mulu National park is famour for extensive caves including the world’s largest cave chamber.

Royal Mulu Resort…

There is a resort there – Royal Mulu Resort. To get there, you must use the Fokker 50 from Malaysia Airlines System. Other than flight you must use boat or overland by 4×4 over rough timber tracks, both of which will approximately take 8-10 hours to reach the resort. There is no direct access road from nearby city-Miri .

But when you check in at Royal Mulu Resort, you can have all the luxury of a 5 star hotel. Then you can do all the rough activities at the National Park like Cave activities (which is a must do) and all famous forest activities. Back home at Royal Mulu, you can get full body massage at the spa.

The Pinnacles Trail

Visiting Deer and Langs Caves

Easier than building a campsite eh?


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