June 8, 2023

land of exotic tropical fruit

Musang King pic from flickr

Westerners usually find Malaysia is country with lot of exotic kind of fruit. Why the Asians don’t feel like apple, pear or strawberries are exotic? Maybe because we can easily get fruits like that on our local supermarket. The supply are many and no way fruits like apple, oranges,pear or strawberries will be shortage.

Unlike our fruits like Manggis (mangosten), durian, nangka (jackfruit) or ciku (sapodilla), they are hard to find even in our local supermarket itself. We always find the canned or wrapped version of these tropical fruit. Most of these tropical fruit are seasonal – once or twice a year, thus we can’t get the supply always.

We got the king of fruit that is Durian and the largest tree-borne fruit in the world that is Jackfruit. There are also some International U.S companies that promote manggis as a healing juice. The juice is not cheap also. Hmm I got few manggis tree at the back of my family house.

Famous type of Jackfruit – Nangka Madu

Red this good article about Exotic Tropical Fruit thesaurus style here.

Another hard to find Malaysia exotic fruit-Pulasan (not rambutan),pic from flickr.


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