February 6, 2023

Look for the best flights via KLIA

You might want to checkout flyklia website. I bet many of you don’t really aware about the web existence, but it has a technology that can update all airlines schedules and fares, including full service carriers and low cost carriers.

Start from KLIA to anywhere in the world. Just type for search. For example when I type the word Kuala Lumpur , the searchbox will automatically detect the ‘Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Intl. (KUL) Malaysia’. I type New York for testing and I choose ‘New York (JFK,EWR,LGA) NY United States’. Opt for one way and hit the search button.

It will search for 600 airlines. Then it will display the results with mix airlines companies. From low to high price. Choose your airlines and it will direct you to the original link..

You can plan your itinerary and choose time of arrival base on the airlines..


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