December 4, 2022

A prestigious camp in the desert

I don’t know if aboriginal inhabitant in place like the jungle and desert thinks their home can’t match a terrace house at the town. Because this recent years, tourism and travel industrialist are trying to promote these ‘aboriginal place’ to be prestigious.

They are not building anything new but using something that modern people already abandon.

The Bedouin Oasis pic at Dubai dubizzle.

Among the example is this Bedouin-style desert camp at Ras Al Khaimah UAE . It is just a camp use by Bedouin but the management says it’s a prestigious desert living. Pre-booking is a must for guest that want to use the tent.

Read it at the news here.

Well the Bedouin may think twice before jump into modern living after reading the idea…

Sheraton Miramar Resort El Gouna

A Bedouin lifestyle also have been adopted into 5star hotel and resort like the Sheraton Miramar Resort El Gouna in Egypt..

So..don’t demolished your old grandmother house yet, maybe in the future somebody will approached you and turn it into a ‘prestigious’ place…


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