December 4, 2022

World Oldest Amusement Park..

Dyrehavsbakken entry, pic by wikipedia..

Did you still go to local amusement park? When we were kid there was mobile amusement park. The locals called it ‘Fun Fair’. The fun fair have ferris wheel, mini roller coaster and all the carnival games that requires your money and luck to get the prizes.

Now I think it’s still available in some part of Malaysia but it is not the preferred destination anymore for the families thus it’s declining..
Maybe the factors are out dated games, place usually outdoor, wheels and coasters looks rusty..and kids today don’t go out to that kind of places. It’s been replaces by kids play zone in many Shopping mall.

Well there is one local Amusement Park that is still operating since it was open in 1583. The Dyrehavsbakken, located in Klampenborg, Denmark. The park name is hard to mention like the Terminator Actor name..Dyrehavsbakken have all the facilities of a modern amusement park and carnival you can think of.

Tivoli Garden, pic from wikipedia..

Also Denmark have another famous amusement park that is second oldest in the world and 3rd most visited in Europe – Tivoli Gardens.

The sustainability of these amusement park are because they not just focus on the amusement facilities only, they also have in house artist and established their own performance group that have become classic and icon to the country…


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