January 31, 2023

Nuke proof hotel

Pic from Null Stern web

This hotel can save you from bomb or radiation in a nuclear strike. Actually it is a bunker. Converted into a hotel. Like the bunker you see in LOST series where Desmond Hume trying to save the world by key in the code every 108 minute.

This kind of hotel is at Switzerland called Null Stern. Switzerland is the only country where every home have a nuclear bunker. Wow! believe it or not. It’s quite an interesting Switzerland story to read about.

A bunker means built by a thick layer of concrete that can withstand a nuclear explosion like in Hiroshima. So you can think of no windows…only wall and machine that pump in the air.

The most interesting facts is not just the bunker but how to hotel is being managed.

If in some country they strive so hard to build a 7 star hotel. Null Stern is Zero ( 0 ) Star Hotel. So I think this is the only one hotel in the world that literally don’t have any complained from the guest. Zero star, no class at all so what to complaint about?

In fact the owner don’t spend any money at all on marketing like media advertising, still when it first open, the hotel got booking until 2012.

But now, the owner want to expand and turn it into a museum. You can read about it more here and here.


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