February 6, 2023

Oldest Hotel in the world…

Pic from wikimedia.

If it the oldest, why not it is the first hotel? I think it is hard to find such first hotel ever build in the world if we define Hotel is a place where people paid to stay for a short term basis. Maybe since people invented money and travel to trade?

Okay, this hotel in Japan was build in 718. Wow! It’s 1300 year old Hotel and still in business…By the same family. Now the 46th generation of Hoshi Family. If you look at the picture, it’s like the same building in that Samurai era in today millennium.

We can say the hotel is very successful in terms of ‘Sustainable’.

Spacious Traditional Japanese Room at Hoshi Ryokan

The natural location also help the hotel to be special, this Hoshi Ryokan got a magical spring inside it since 1300 years ago. Find out about it directly from the source here.


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