February 6, 2023


1 day after birth…

Mamas got a brand new baby!!. 3.56kg and healthy. To date no name chosen yet and it’s a girl.

So I’m off duty now…please don’t call me..call Mr. Boss at the office hahaha. I choose 3 month maternity leave. So for after birth mother out there, what’s up? Well, as far as the baby grandmother concern, the first 2 month will be a strict diet regime with recovery process full with traditional herbs.

Of course …modern mom now they got a lot of readings from the Internet to defy the mother principle, but how about we call it a draw. Both are good. Beside we wont be here right now because of them and their traditional method.

Speaking of traditional method, we really can promote like a ‘Postpartum Healing Packages’ for mom. Maybe spas or private hospitals can promote this. Can be a good tourism products because we already got authentic traditional herbs for used after birth. Like how India promote their Ayurvedic practice and products throughout the world. Now we can get the Ayurvedic formula at many famous pharmacy.

Or maybe we can promote foreigners to give birth here. With good facilities and Traditional Malaysian treatment. Like Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt picking Namibia, Africa to gave birth – their daughter, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. It’s a one month travel package to consider. Before and after birth…What do you think?

Ok..here is a good information website for mom from Johnsonsbaby. ‘Moms, do more with your loving touch‘.

3 day years old…


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