June 5, 2023

Most dangerous fruit in Malaysia

I want to write the irresistible durians but that title look catchy. Yes, the durians can be dangerous if it drop directly into your head. What do you think if Isaac Newton standing below the durian tree and not the apple tree?

Ok, now is the best time for durians. You can find it at almost any Malaysian roadside. Durians is seasonal and the price is not control by the government. So don’t complaint about the price.

I just had the kampung varieties of durians. Durians can be described as strong fruit, both appearance and smell. Very sweet taste, very creamy, thick flesh and can make you replete. You can catch a fever if overdose with extra wind in the stomach.

Apart of kampung durians, the growers prefer to sell many new breed of durians that are more bigger and heavier. Heavier the pricier because the price depending on the kilos. They are talking about ‘Musang King’ type of Durian. Musang king have so thick golden flesh with very small seed.

If in Europe they are enjoying flower blossoming season we are enjoying the durians season. The time between flower season in Northern hemisphere and durian season here is much the same. Soon they will other fruit season coming like manggis and ramburan…

Bon appetite!


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