January 27, 2023

Going to the sea or swimming pool?

Remember when we were small? A regular trip to the beach were something we waiting for during weekends. But now, our children are asking to go to the nearest swimming pool or theme park.

I find that not only the children, adults also prefer bringing their kids to the theme park nowadays. They think that it is a lot safer than sea water. Judging from the sea water physical look e.g the brown color. Furthermore it is salty and it will make your eyes sore. No match for the public swimming pool crystal clear and blue water.

Actually if we think the public swimming pool is a lot safer than the sea water, we miss some important facts. The water in the pool looks clean because of the chemical put in it. More chlorine than our tap water. I found this in one article:

“Sufficing to say, the clean water image goes along that chlorine basically kills all the bacterias in the pool for us to swim safely. But then, with its strength to kill all sort of bacteria, it also show that it might have effects in the delicate human skin and eyes. Chlorine is a chemical element and any chemical element, for that matter have a certain level of toxicity which can directly harm the individuals and it can trickle down in small quantities, and too much exposure to such water will surely obtain certain degree of harm.”

On the other hand, sea water is known for centuries that have health benefits. Of course we cannot drink a salt water. Sea water usually associated with skin treatment. An Australian study published at the National Institutes of Health website suggest that saltwater have good effects on skin sores and ear infection for children under 17.

Other studies indicated that seawater can treat Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis . You can read about all the health benefits of sea water here.

Well as long as we still eat fish from the seas, the sea water is as good as the fish we consume. Nowadays not everything that looks good is really that good. For example like fresh shining green vegetables at the supermarket. Consumer with high awareness will choose organic vegetables that does not look very pretty…



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