September 21, 2023

Confident about world longest sea bridge..

Strait of Melaka horizon from the Melaka Strait Mosque..pic from aminnorazmi.

Yesterday Melaka Chief Minister said that Melaka State Government are confident about the proposed bridge. If becoming reality , the bridge will connect Melaka and Indonesia via Dumai. The traffic from Indonesia will be from the 70million population Sumatra. Melaka – Dumai Bridge spanning the Straits of Melaka for about 35km.

Currently the longest sea bridge is in China – 24.6 miles. But now everything tallest or longest will be easily overtake by others. China will build another sea bridge to link southern Guangdong province with Hong Kong and Macau that span over nearly 50km. Read the news here.

The cost of this bridge was estimated to cost USD$13 billion (RM39.52 billion). Funding being said mostly come from the Private. Melaka Confident Bridge Will Make Positive Impact in Bernama here.

Many said that the project will make a positive socio-economic impact. A longest bridge in the world across the busiest straits can be a new landmark for Malaysia and Melaka.

When travelers skip the airplane, of course they got more money to spend and more items they can buy and bring back home with the largest vehicle permitted they can drive to cross the bridge.

Daily traffic from both country can enliven the retail sector and new opportunities like tourism attraction can be created. Of course among the issues will be discussed by the public are security and environmental as funding issues already solved.

Well …..a bridge across the great ocean will be interesting. Imagine driving across it and after a while you cannot see the land anymore. Now you are at the center of an open sea. The view must be breathtaking with the wind as if you are on a cruise ship. Seeing large ship across the bridge below you.

Activities like watching sunset at the center of Melaka straits can be fun if permitted.

There are countries that actually successful in collaboration to link 2 nation with a Sea Bridge. The example is ├śresund Bridge that connects Sweden and Denmark. It is the longest road and rail bridge in Europe across the ├śresund Strait. You can read about it here.


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