January 27, 2023

Your Women’s Day Activities…

Kakiseni.com Women : 100 in conjunction with 100th celebration of International Women’s Day 2011.

Some women really aware about International Women day and participate in the activities dedicated to it. Usually we don’t get a gift for women day like mom day. Women day usually for Non Gov. Org. making campaign.

There are also women don’t really realize about 8 March 2011. It’s not very appealing for them. Everyday is the same day huh? Except if the Shopping complex doing Crazy Sales 90% discount on Women day.

For what I understand, this International Movement of Women day main objective is more on promoting the well being as a women. Like women in 3rd world countries lacking of education, to champion women in high level managerial position in government or corporate sector, to fight women abuse in marriage or entertainment industry and cancer disease.

So if you want to participate, you can search the activities by country at internationalwomensday.com. The Website name already make you understand what it’s all about. Currently at the website, it have 1723 event around the world. Check it out here.


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