December 5, 2022

A 5 Star Longhouse stay

A longhouse is traditional buildings in the State of Sarawak for tribes like Iban,bidayuh or dayak. These are among native tribe in Sarawak. Usually their longhouse are deep in the jungle and only accessible by boat or 4X4.

A trip to one of the Sarawak longhouse or Rumah Panjang will be a good cultural education because you will learn their way of life in the middle of the jungle with close community (within the longhouse). Their welcome dance, how useful the river for them, traditional craft and their proud story of warrior ancestor.

Now you can experience the longhouse in Sarawak like a 5 Star Hotel, Hilton Standard. Because the longhouse is owned by Hilton Hotel. Yeah you can can call it Hilton Hotel in the middle of the Borneo rain forest.

It’s Batang Ai Longhouse Resort. The Resort is built by the concept of traditional Iban longhouses. Only accessible by 2 hour boat ride. A great story for adventure and eco-tourism lover.

A real longhouse nearby resort…

Although it looks like a longhouse, you can get all the facilities you can imagine in 5 Star Hilton Hotel. There are things you can’t get at any 5 star hotel around town like Fresh air from the rain forest, jungle tracking until the Kalimantan Border, fishing in the great lake of Batang Ai and Visit the real tribal longhouse around the area.

You can read the in the news entitle Revel in longhouse luxury. Or start booking at Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort here.


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