June 5, 2023

Hot balloon not always round at Putrajaya..

Hot air balloon is round or oblong?

Ok, Putrajaya is a good place for event these days. Good landscape, many wide free land area. Minimal traffic jam and all modern facilities you can thinks off.

This March, Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon 2011 fiesta will be happen at Putrajaya. From 17 to 20. They say this year the 2011 hot air balloon fiesta will have 28 hot air balloons from 15 participating countries.

The exact spot will be at Precint 2, Monumen Alaf Baru Putrajaya.

Yeah, don’t expect they come from other countries with the balloons also. They will come here by plane. I read that at the fiesta, they will have hot balloons that can carry 60 people per session with five hot air balloons per session.

You can learn at the event that hot air balloon actually can have many shape like Doraemon or Darth Vader head.

Read about this fun event here and the official site here.


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